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As you may have already figured out the previous articles, I am a lover of the romantic side of the joinery .
The dusty atmosphere of the traditional lab, the workbench  full of tools consumed by use, the wood chips on the floor.
90% of people who comes in this world  has in mind that picture of the old woodworker working in his dusty shop.
Now close your eyes for a moment and re-create this in your mind.
Zoom in slowly on the bench leaving in the background our craftsman who, very concentrated, is sawing a cherry plank.
Look carefully. 


Welcome back on my Blog! 

With this article you’ll begin the practical work

In fact at the end of the post you will be able to know the tools and methods of wood cutting most common that are carried out in Woodworking . 

As soon as you finish reading this post you have to begin to practice in cutting boards, planks, and panels if you want to have good results. 

The practice is essential! 

When one starts from a semi-finished product ,  cutting is one of the first operations for the realization of a wooden object. 

After choosing the species or artificial wood best suited to your project, in fact, you will need to prepare the pieces to be assembled. 

Of course, before you start cutting you must already have in mind all the sizes and shapes of the pieces that you need. 

And you also got to know how to joint it

After that, it’s time to decide the cutting mode.

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