Since we have to take a trip together it seems right to me to introduce myself, so that you know who is behind this blog . 

My name is Vincenzo  and I’m a Designer . 

I am a person with so many passions : 

Drawing, Painting, Comics, Design, Music, Martial Arts, Sciences, and so on. 

I was always very curious. 

Like many children, as a child I loved to disassemble anything I could find to see how it worked and how it was done inside.

Indeed, even now when I am interested in a certain topic I try to deepen the knowledge about it, dismount it, remount it and study it to make it mine and understand as much as possible.

For this reason I decided to study design. 

Is a job that gives me a chance to get into the depths of many worlds, each time differents, and expand my knowledge increasingly by growing my creativity. 

It is thanks to this work that I decided to start this blog . 

Designing spaces and objects I inevitably have to come to terms with the materials. 

And a material that always attracts me is definitely the wood .

wooden heart


– For his heat . 

– The close connection to the land . 

– The many varieties existing. 

– Because I lived for 30 years in a house 100 meters from a fantastic forest of chestnut trees and among the trees I played, studied, laughed, walked, quarreled and made all the other important experiences of my life. 

So it came to me the time to investigate all the way this argument, because I owe so much of who I am today and I want to continue to grow with him

So the answer to the question, Which is also the title of this article, it seems to me obvious.


I am one who loves wood and decided to discover its hidden secrets.


I’ll give you 5 reasons to follow my blog: 

  1. It’s Free! 
  2. Open Source:  You too can help me by suggesting amendments or supplements to the post 
  3. Because I’m not a Professional Woodworker, and I don’t want to hide anything so I will always be honest 
  4. Not being a Woodworker I will not use strange words without explain of the meaning 
  5. I am a true fan of Wood and I want to get to the bottom! 

I wish this page would become a familiar place where we can know each other better 

So, if you like, leave a comment below to tell me about you and write down why you want to learn how to work with wood . 

It is very important for me to know your needs to give you the most useful information in future articles 

We have an opportunity to create a community to exchange ideas and opinions on this subject so interesting … 

Let’s get busy! 

First follow my FB page The Wood Blogger  to keep updated. 

Then look at  the Blog Program  and begin immediately to expand your knowledge! 

Have fun!

The Wood Blogger