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Today we face an issue that I love: the Design phase . 

As you may have read in the page where I present myself , I am a Designer . 

For this I decided to take this path. 

Beyond the passion I have for the Wood, I needed to know more about projecting

I believe is crucial, for a woodworker or a hobbyist , doing at least a sketch before starting to work with hammers, saws and planers. 

As I explained in previous articles (especially in that related to the wood cut) that of Woodworker is a job that requires the utmost attention to measures

I’m talking about millimeters precision. 

Sometimes even tenths of a millimeter

For this reason I believe that it’s necessary to make at least a rough skecth with measures and forms of our object. 

I’m not saying that anyone who works with wood have to be a designer, but often those who approach this type of work has got a lot of creativity and constructive skills . 

Certainly the dexterity and the ability to build object in mind, even before you realize it, is frequent in Woodworkers , but, except in rare cases, are acquired through years of experience.

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