Welcome back! 

Today I want to start telling you a short story . 

When I was a child I used to play in the football team of my country. 

I was one of the most timid children and immediately, because of my nature, I was relegated to the role of defender.

What does it mean to be a defender? 

Being a defender of a Football Team means you have to stay there, near the penalty area of your team and never cross the halfway line, being careful to stop the opponents forwards.

artificial woods

So do the dirty work, grab and kick and then the other players take the credit and honor of the victory. 

In fact, most of the other children could go on the attack and score some goals, or at least try to do it.

There is no greater satisfaction for a child who plays football! 

So, sometimes, I also felt useless and marginalized within the team. 

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